Pacific Depot is a member of Vietmay Corporation; Located at 1155 Stacy Ct, Riverside, CA 92507, USA.

Pacific Depot is a distribution intermediary, playing a key role for both the seller (manufacturer – distributor) and the buyer (consumer). Pacific Depot has relationships, experience as well as market access… Pacific Depot solves the difficult distribution problem faced by many businesses. In other words, Pacific Depot is the “link” of output for the manufacturer’s products.

Our Roles

– Consolidation: When goods/materials are imported from many different small and small sources, Pacific Depot acts as a gathering point to consolidate into a large shipment, thus gaining the advantage of scale when continuing. transported to the market by vehicles full of trucks/ containers…

– Commodity coordination: In order to meet customers’ orders of many diverse items, Pacific Depot is responsible for separating large shipments, coordinating and combining many different types of goods into one complete order, ensuring Make sure the goods are ready for sale. Then each order will be shipped by small vehicles to the customer.

– Preservation and storage of goods: Ensure goods are intact in terms of quantity and quality throughout the operation process; make the most of the warehouse area and capacity; Taking care of goods in stock. Besides the main source of goods are imported products from Vietnam, India, Malaysia … with extremely competitive prices in the market. Pacific Depot also focuses on trading activities, information and prices are always public and listed on products, attentive after-sales service, enthusiastic advice, … in order to serve and bring best experience for customers. Pacific Depot hopes to bring customers the best quality products, the most favorable prices and the best service.

Pacific Depot

1155 Stacy Ct, Riverside, CA 92507, USA

Phone ( 951) 530 3056 – Email:


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